The Text of Genesis 1-11
Textual Studies and Critical Edition


This re-examination of the text of Genesis 1-11 is based on a strongly positive valuation of the Septuagint as a reliable witness to the original Hebrew. This position is contrary to that taken in most existing studies of the text of Genesis, including some that constitute parts of standard editions and reference works. Nevertheless, Hendel shows, there is an accumulating mass of evidence showing that his position is correct. He presents his analysis as the first step towards an eclectic critical edition of the books of the Hebrew Bible.


Hendel lucidly and sharply discusses general principles of textual criticism, in dialogue with the specialists, and applies these principles to the establishing of an 'eclectic' critical text of Genesis 1-11. There are many delightful nuggets. In many ways the book is a model which students learning textual criticism could profitably work with. * R.W.L. Moberly, Journal of Theological Studies, Vol.51 No.1 *


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Titel The Text of Genesis 1-11 Textual Studies and Critical Edition
Auteur Ronald S. Hendel
Uitgever Oxford University Press Inc
Jaar Verschenen 1998
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 184
Onderwerp Genesis (boek)


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