John For Everyone, Part 1 Chapters 1-10
Auteur: N.T. Wright


Making use of his true scholar's understanding, yet writing in an approachable and anecdotal style, Tom Wright manages to convey the simplicity, and helps to unravel the great complexity, of this extraordinary gospel. He describes it as one of the great books in the literature of the world; and part of its greatness is the way it reveals its secrets not just to high-flown learning, but to those who come to it with humility and hope. These volumes complete the Gospels in the For Everyone series.


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Titel John For Everyone, Part 1 Chapters 1-10
Auteur N.T. Wright
Uitgever Spck Publishing
Jaar Verschenen 2002
Taal nl
Pagina's pp. 208
Onderwerp Evangelie naar Johannes


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