Mammals of the Holy Land


Over 110 species of mammals roamed the forests, mountains, and deserts of this ancient Land of Canaan Jordan, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine. Their impact on humans can be seen in cave drawings made by the Neanderthal inhabitants of northern Palestine some 200,000 years ago and gleaned from the writings of all Near Eastern civilizations. In recent centuries, encroachment by an increasing human population has resulted in the extinction of several speciesaurochs (wild ox), red deer, onagers, Syrian wild asses roebucks (roe deer), fallow deer, Syrian brown bears, and cheetahs. Currently at risk are such large mammals as the leopard, wolf, wild cat, caracal, ibex, and dessert gazelles as well as may small mammals especially small carnivores, insectivores, and bats. Mammals of the Holy Land, summarizes the information that is known about the mammals that inhabit this historic land. with keys to identification, a glossary of terms, a basic introduction to the study of mammals, and a discussion of the impact these mammals have had on humans, a well as taxonomic and natural history information for each species, this book will be useful to both the professional and non-professional.


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Titel Mammals of the Holy Land
Auteur Mazin B. Qumsiyeh
Uitgever Texas Tech Press,U.S.
Jaar Verschenen 1996
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 389
Onderwerp Dieren / Fauna, Jakhals, Zoogdieren


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