verhuren, verpachten, uitleveren
Taal: Grieks


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Lexicon G. Abbott-Smith

Voor meer informatie: G. Abbott-Smith's A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament (New York: Scribner's, 1922)

ἐκ-δίδωμι [in LXX for נָתַן H5414, etc. ;] 1. to surrender, give up, give out. 2. to let out for hire (Hdt.); mid. (as freq. in π.; v. MM, Exp., xii); to let out to one's advantage, Mt 21:33, 41, Mk 12:1, Lk 20:9.†

Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon

Voor meer informatie: Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon (1940)

  3rd.pers. singular ἐκδιδοῖ Herodotus Historicus 1.80, al. :—give up, especiallysomethingseized and detained unlawfully, Ἑλένην καὶ κτήμαθ᾽ ἅμ᾽ αὐτῇ Ilias Homerus Epicus “Illiad” 3.459, compare Herodotus Historicus 1.3 : generally, surrender, especially of giving up refugees, prev. work 74, 158f ; τινὰ τοῖς ἐχθροῖς Sophocles Tragicus “Philoctetes” 1386, compare “OT” 1040, etc.; ἐ. τινὰ τοῖς κατηγόροις Demosthenes Orator 21.30, compare 29.38 ; ἐ. δοῦλον give up a slave to be examined by torture, Antipho Orator 6.27, Demosthenes Orator 29.14; αὐτὸν ἐξέδωκεν μαστιγῶσαι Εὐριπίδῃ Aristoteles Philosophus “Politica” 1311b32; αὑτὸν ἐς τιμωρίαν τοῖς δικασταῖς Polyaenus Historicus 6.7.1 ; surrender a city, Ἀμφίπολιν Demosthenes Orator 19.253, compare 257: —middle, θυμὸν ἐκδόσθαι πρὸς ἥβαν give up one's heart to jollity, Pindarus Lyricus “P.” 4.295.
__2 give out of one's house,
__2.a ἐ. θυγατέρα give one's daughter in marriage, τινί Herodotus Historicus 1.196, Euripides Tragicus “Iphigenia Aulidensis” 132 (anap.), compare Theophrastus Philosophus “Characteres” 22.4 ; θυγατέρας παρὰ σφῶν αὐτῶν ἐκδόντες having provided for their marriage at their own expense, Demosthenes Orator 27.69; Ἄλκηστιν ἐ. πρὸς γάμον Diodorus Siculus Historicus 4.53 ; frequently also without any accusative, give in marriage, ἐ. εἰς οὒς ἂν ἐθέλωσι Plato Philosophus “Respublica” 613d, compare 362b, Thucydides Historicus 8.21, etc. : metaphorically, of the elements, συνοικίζειν καὶ ἐ. Plato Philosophus “Sophista” 242d :—less frequently in middle, ἐκδίδοσθαι θυγατέρα Herodotus Historicus 2.47, Theophrastus Philosophus “Characteres” 30.19; ἐξέδου κόρην ὅτῳ σε θυμὸς ἦγεν Euripides Tragicus “Medea” 309 :—passive, 4th c.AD(?): Arcadius Grammaticus ἐσδοθένσᾳ (={ἐκδοθείσῃ}) given in marriage, “SIG” 306.7 (Tegea, 4th c.BC).
__2.b give one's son for adoption, τοὺς μὲν (i.e. υἱοὺς) εἰς ἑτέρας οἰκίας Polybius Historicus 31.28.2, compare “POxy.” 1206.6 (4th c.AD) ; also ἐ. τὸν παῖδα ἐπὶ τέχνην put him out as an apprentice, Xenophon Historicus “de Equitandi ratione” 2.2, compare “BGU” 1021.6, etc.
__3 farm out, let for hire, τὴν αὐλήν Herodotus Historicus 1.68, compare “SIG” 1044.29 (Halic., 4th-3rd c.BC), etc. ; ἐ. ἀνδράποδα to let out slaves for work, Xenophon Historicus “de Vectigalibus” 4.15; πῶλον prev. author “Eq.” 2.2 (also in Med., ἐξέδοτο ἀμπελῶνα γεωργοῖς NT.Mark.12.1): with infinitive, χαλινὸν χαλκεῖ ἐ. σκευάσαι Plato Philosophus “Parmenides” 127a ; ἐ. θύλακον τῷ σκυτοδέψῃ ἐπιρράψαι Theophrastus Philosophus “Characteres” 16.6; ὅταν ἐκδῷ θοἰμάτιον ἐκπλῦναι prev. work 22.8 ; ἐκδόντος μοι Δημοσθένους..στέφανον χρυσοῦν ὥστε κατασκευάσαι Test. cited in Demosthenes Orator 21.22 ; ὥσπερ ἀνδριάντ᾽ ἐκδεδωκὼς κατὰ συγγραφήν like one who has contracted for the execution of a statue, Demosthenes Orator 18.122.
__4 give in charge to another, πολλοὺς ἐξέδωκα Προδίκῳ (with play on signification 2) Plato Philosophus “Theaetetus” 151b ; ἐκδιδοὺς νεικέων so as to be out of the way of quarrels, Euripides Tragicus “Bacchae” 293 (assuming variant) : with infinitive, Δὶ τοῦτ᾽..ἐκδώσομεν πράσσειν Pindarus Lyricus “O.” 13.106.
__5 bring out, ἀλλ᾽ ἐκδότω τις..δᾷδας Aristophanes Comicus “Plutus” 1194; ἐκδότω δέ τις..δίφρω δύο prev. author “fragment” 348.
__6 lend out money on security, etc., Legal cited in Demosthenes Orator 35.51; ναυτικὰ ἐκδεδομένα Lysias Orator 32.6.
__6.b simply, pay out, Aristoteles Philosophus “Oeconomica” 1349b31, “PSI” 3.204 (2nd c.AD).
__7 put out, publish, of books, etc., chiefly in passive, λόγος ὁ πρότερον ἐκδοθείς Isocrates Orator 5.11, compare Polybius Historicus 2.37.6, 1st cStrabo Geographus 1.2.2; τοῖς ἐκδεδομένοις λόγοις Aristoteles Philosophus “Poetica” 1454b18 :—in active, Plutarchus Biographus et Philosophus “Romulus” 8.
__8 of a woman, bring to the birth, Appianus Historicus “Bella Civilia” 1.83.
__9 of land, etc., return, yield, produce, μέταλλα.. μονολίθους ἐκδιδόντα πλάκας 1st cStrabo Geographus 5.2.5.
__10 hand over, deliver a document, ἀποχήν “BGU” 260.6 (1st c.AD) , etc.:—middle, “PFlor.” 384.113 (V Aeschylus Tragicus Demosthenes Orator).
__11 betray, 5th c.AD(?): Hesychius Legal icographus
__II intransitive, of rivers, empty themselves, disembogue, ἐς θάλασσαν, ἐς τὴν Σύρτιν, ἐς τὸν Μαίανδρον, etc., Herodotus Historicus 1.80, 2.150, 7.26, etc.
__II.2 τῶν ἄλλων ζῴων τὰ μὲν εἰς ὀδόντας ἐκδίδωσι..τὰ δὲ εἰς κέρατα.. run to teeth, etc., Aristoteles Philosophus “Problemata” 898a22 ; find an outlet, εἰς κεφαλήν prev. work 29.
__II.3 emerge, τὴν Ἀφροδίτην ἐκδοῦναι τῆς θαλάσσης Philostratus Sophista “Philostrati majoris imagines” 2.1 (to be read -δῦναι).

Synoniemen en afgeleide woorden

Grieks δίδωμι G1325 "geven, schenken";



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