A Companion to Ancient Egypt
2 Volume Set


This companion provides the very latest accounts of the major and current aspects of Egyptology by leading scholars. Delivered in a highly readable style and extensively illustrated, it offers unprecedented breadth and depth of coverage, giving full scope to the discussion of this incredible civilization. * Provides the very latest and, where relevant, well-illustrated accounts of the major aspects of Egypt?s ancient history and culture * Covers a broad scope of topics including physical context, history, economic and social mechanisms, language, literature, and the visual arts * Delivered in a highly readable style with students and scholars of both Egyptology and Graeco-Roman studies in mind * Provides a chronological table at the start of each volume to help readers orient chapters within the wider historical context.


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Titel A Companion to Ancient Egypt 2 Volume Set
Auteur Alan B. Lloyd
Uitgever John Wiley And Sons Ltd
Jaar Verschenen 2010
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 1352
Onderwerp Egypte, Exodus, Uittocht, Ipuwer Papyrus


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