Der Brief Des Judas Und Der Zweite Brief Des Petrus
Auteur: Jörg Frey


In the NT canon, the two minor catholic epistles of Jude and Second Peter are often considered somewhat marginal and have long been neglected by scholarship. This commentary aims to demonstrate the particular achievements of the two epistles without concealing their open theological questions. More precisely than before, the author elaborates on the historical importance of the two writings, their literary context, the profile of their respective opponents and the particular interests of their argument. Text critical issues and the reception of Biblical, early Jewish and Apocalyptic material are discussed in separate sections, and a synthesis of the respective theologies is included. Jude is ultimately read as part of a critical debate with Pauline and post-Pauline developments, whereas Second Peter turns out as a testimony of theological discussions of the second century.


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Titel Der Brief Des Judas Und Der Zweite Brief Des Petrus
Auteur Jörg Frey
Uitgever Evangelische Verlagsanstalt
Jaar Verschenen 2015
Taal de
Pagina's pp. 416
Onderwerp Judas (brief), Petrus (brieven)


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