Fearless Daughters of the Bible
What You Can Learn from 22 Women Who Challenged Tradition, Fought Injustice and Dared to Lead
Auteur: J. Lee Grady


Become one of the gifted, empowered women God is raising up.

Christian women are often led to believe they were created inferior to men, destined to play a secondary role. Proverbs 31 gets morphed into a judgment, the sole standard against which many feel like frauds or failures. But the Bible has much more to say about women!

Looking into the lives of 22 mold-breaking women of the Bible, bestselling author and women's advocate J. Lee Grady shows that God enables His daughters for amazing--even impossible--exploits. Lee also reveals the empowering, often-overlooked gifts God gives each of His daughters--gifts like wisdom, fruitfulness, boldness and leadership. When women accept and use these gifts, they can live the fearless and beautiful lives of purpose God has ordained for them.

"Thank you, Lee Grady, for reminding us that God's fearless daughters line the pages of the Bible. Each of their stories serves as a courageous call to follow God with abandon."--Margaret Feinberg, author, Scouting the Divine and The Sacred Echo

"Discover the power and the purpose of women who dare to trust God."--LaDonna C. Osborn, D.Min., CEO, Osborn Ministries International; president, Women's International Network

"I pray God will use this book to raise up fearless daughters for Him today."--Carolyn Custis James, author, Half the Church; president, Whityby Forum

"Throughout this book, I found myself getting stronger in my own faith and some of my fears began to subside. Along with the biblical women, Grady writes about women of more current times who display the same courage as their biblical counterparts. It made me realize that God has many plans for me to represent Him well - and that even one woman can cause many positive changes in the world. I consider this a must-read if you are afraid or unsure of what God's purpose is for you. Through these stories and Scripture passages, you will find the strength to do what God asks of you. And you will no longer be frightened to step up and say, 'Here I am, Lord. Send me!'" -Hope for Women

"This book is an encouragement for women--who may have been brought up in an environment that taught them otherwise--that they are loved by God, and if they will accept their inheritance and identity in Christ, he can work miracles through them as well." --Worship Leader Magazine


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Titel Fearless Daughters of the Bible What You Can Learn from 22 Women Who Challenged Tradition, Fought Injustice and Dared to Lead
Auteur J. Lee Grady
Uitgever Baker Publishing Group
Jaar Verschenen 2012
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 224
Onderwerp Achsa, Debora (richteres), Maria Magdalena, Ruth, Sara, Zelafead


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